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Books24x7 Book Review: The Global You: Ten Strategies To Operate As An International Business…

By Pam Boiros

In today’s global marketplace and business environment, professionals at all levels need to possess global business acumen.   Whether your’re a member of a virtual team that crosses time zones or working with customers or partners in other countries, the “flat world” is driving an increased need for multicultural awareness.

The Global You: Ten Strategies To Operate As An International Business Player by Susan Bloch and Philip Whiteley (Publisher: Marshall Cavendish © 2011) is both informative and accessible for anyone whose work involves international exposure.

The book covers 10 specific strategies, based on extensive research undertaken by the authors of successful global players, designed to help anyone cope with cultural challenges and the practical implications of operating beyond familiar environments.  Topics including “thinking globally” to learning to work in a multicultural context, building your personal network to include international contacts, and updating communications skills are all covered in detail and with practical actionable steps.

What do you think?  Read this book and let us know.  BusinessPro subscribers can access this book on Books24x7

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