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The Value of Talent

By Kevin Young

With soaring unemployment figures and a poor state of the economy, people are now more appreciative of their jobs than ever before.  Moving from job to job is not as straightforward as it once was due to the abundance of unemployed applicants and a lack of vacancies.  With businesses tightening their belts, people are worshipping every pay check with the hope that it won’t be their last.  Working hard and training up has never been more important, especially when faced with a career move – whether it is planned or not.

From a management perspective, training and developing existing staff is both a more cost-effective and efficient process.  Not only is it more expensive to attract talent from other organizations, but it also takes more time to train up new recruits.  Growing your own talent internally and harnessing the power of existing potentials and performers from within the company not only re-assures employees of their worth, but also portrays strong leadership and management skills to customers and competitors.

On Tuesday, February 28, at 7:00am EST, I will be joining author and motivational guru, Judith Leary-Joyce, in a webinar to discuss the topic of talent management.  Judith will be sharing both her research and experience of working with leaders and managers across a wide range of sectors.  We will focus the session on using talent throughout the organization, understanding how talented people develop, and how to get the very best from high performers at all stages of their development cycle.

During the webinar, Judith will address following points:

  • Are you keen to get the most out of your best people?
  • Are you getting the best out of all the people who work for you?
  • Do you manage key performers well, even when they go off the boil?
  • Are you known for developing careers, so star performers seek you out?
  • Are the managers in your workplace an inspiration to those who work with them?


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