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Why Learning Consultants Want Our Customers to Attend Perspectives

By Molly Scholes

SkillSoft’s annual user conference Perspectives will be taking place April 30 – May 3, 2012 in Orlando, Florida.  I wanted to share the top reasons why SkillSoft Learning Consultants know this is a “can’t miss” event and why we hope our customers choose to attend.

  • Hear Best Practices – Directly from Other Customers.  The role of the Learning Consultant is to advise our customers on best practices and share strategies for program success.  While we have a broad set of examples to share, nothing can compare to hearing specific stories and examples from other customers.  Customer sessions are filled with specific lessons learned, recipes for success and often include how their program impacted their organization’s business.

  • Meet SkillSoft Product Experts – Have Your Voice Heard.  SkillSoft builds its products directly based on customer feedback.  Don’t miss this opportunity to connect face-to-face with a product manager responsible for SkillPort, courseware solutions, Books24x7, Leadership Advantage and more!  All of the product lines will have representation at the conference and they want to hear from you.
  • Network – Connect with Fellow Program Owners.  Learning Consultants are often asked questions such as:  Do you work with other organizations in my industry?  How does my program compare to others?  Here’s your opportunity to network and meet hundreds of colleagues who share your challenges and opportunities.  It’s a fantastic event to meet others who share your passion for learning.
  • Attend a Workshop – Learn New Strategies for Success.  Most of the SkillSoft program owners who we work with are extremely busy – it’s not often you can take time away from your busy schedule and focus more in-depth on a subject that will help drive program success.  This year, workshops will be offered on topics such as ROI, the Value Impact Analysis Process, Strategies for Marketing Success, Learning Governance and Hands-on Product labs.
  • Meet a Learning Consultant – Ask about Anything!  New to the conference this year, a team of experienced Learning Consultants will host “Office Hours.”  You can sign up for an appointment to meet with a Learning Consultant who will help answer any questions you might have regarding your program.  We look forward to meeting you!
  • FUN – Have a Fantastic Time!  The SkillSoft conference team hosts outstanding and entertaining social events.  Last year customers who attended couldn’t stop talking about the well-run event.

There is no doubt if you attend, you will come home with actionable ideas and enthusiasm for creating a wildly successful program.  Your SkillSoft Learning Consultant will be looking forward to speaking with you after to keep the momentum going!  Your Learning Consultant is also more than happy to provide recommendations on sessions to attend and which product experts to seek out at the conference.

To register for Perspectives 2012 visit:

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