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KnowledgeBoosters: Fundamentals of a Learning Organization

By Russ Howard

Today’s topic from the KnowledgeBoosters* series provides tips for building a learning culture and describes how it can bring value to your organization.

Organizational learning

There are three distinct levels of learning in organizations, and to be successful and sustainable, learning needs to occur on all three levels.Read more

Perspectives 2012 Learning Session Topics and Keynote Announced

By Melynda Hilliard

Here is another Perspectives 2012 update from Melynda Hilliard, SkillSoft’s Events Marketing Manager. She will be sharing updates throughout the next month. Stay tuned for more exciting details!

See what we’ve got planned 

Preparations for the Perspectives 2012 event agenda, including the learning sessions and keynote, are well under way!Read more

Located in San Diego? Join our Studio Audience for the Leadership Development Channel Live Event…

By Molly Scholes

If you’re located in San Diego, or within driving distance, we’d love to include you in our studio audience on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 8 a.m.  for the Leadership Development Channel Live Event with Dr.Read more

Social Collaboration Adds a Critical Component to Leadership Programs for Quick, Engaging and…

By Tim Hildreth

Collaboration is a key component of best-of-breed leadership development programs. SkillSoft today announced the availability of the inGenius® social learning platform on SkillSoft Leadership Advantage, the company’s targeted leadership development solution.Read more

Leadership Skills Training Lesson: Your Product is Not What You Sell, It’s the Difference You Make

By Shawn Hunter

Your product is the impact you make, the change you affect, the experience your product delivers. Your product is the result, the causatum, the punch. Sell cars? No, you don’t sell a car, you sell utility or transport or identity or experience or speed perhaps.Read more

Creating Effective Learning Cultures

Studies show that making learning a priority can positively affect your organization in a number of ways. Employee engagement improves and there is higher retention and satisfaction. Business processes also become more efficient and streamlined, resulting in a higher ROI and long-term success.  Read more

New Business and Leadership-Focused Live Events

The schedule for SkillSoft’s next four live events is now available!  Leadership Development Channel, 50 Lessons and SkillSoft Leadership Advantage subscribers have the opportunity to view live presentations by recognized thought leaders and best-selling authors.Read more

Skillsoft in Asia Pacific

By Glenn Nott, Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific

It is always a big deal when one of SkillSoft’s many talented experts comes to our shores and Sally Hovis, SkillSoft’s Vice-President of Learning Design, is no exception.Read more

SkillSoft Customer Survey Finds Increasing Importance of Learning Solutions as a Strategic Business…

SkillSoft today announced the results of its sixth annual customer satisfaction survey, which was conducted in partnership with TNS, an independent research firm. SkillSoft’s 2011 Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, tapped into SkillSoft’s customer base, which includes more than three thousand companies and 10 million users across the globe, for feedback regarding customer service, product quality, ease of doing business, product preference and intent to repurchase.Read more