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Social Collaboration Adds a Critical Component to Leadership Programs for Quick, Engaging and…

By Tim Hildreth

Collaboration is a key component of best-of-breed leadership development programs. SkillSoft today announced the availability of the inGenius® social learning platform on SkillSoft Leadership Advantage, the company’s targeted leadership development solution. inGenius on SkillSoft Leadership Advantage allows leaders within an organization to collaborate on their development and corporate goals, while supporting ongoing informal learning, knowledge sharing and transfer, and the development of in-house subject matter experts.

SkillSoft’s inGenius social learning platform extends the value of trusted, expert information by providing opportunities for employees to contribute their knowledge and expertise in ways that build upon a company’s learning culture, strengthen ties and forge collaborative relationships among groups and individuals that might not otherwise interact.

With the addition of inGenius, several new features have been added to the SkillSoft Leadership Advantage learning platform, including:

  • MyProfile – Create and manage user profiles and identify areas of user interest and expertise.
  • Recent Activity Dashboard – Follow the recent activity news feed to stay apprised of community activities happening on the inGenius platform.
  • Commenting – Users can make comments and share knowledge assets and expertise with their colleagues leveraging the extensive and trusted SkillSoft library of on-demand learning assets
  • Recommending – Make recommendations on learning assets to others and see what assets others find valuable.
  • Searching for Co-content / People / Profiles – Find company experts via a search and browse capability that identifies colleagues with similar and related interests.
  • Notifications – Notifies users within the inGenius community of activities with particular relevance to their interests or learning programs.
  • Scoring – Accumulate points through activities performed– updating profile, making recommendations, making comments, and other members rating comments as helpful all contribute to an inGenius score that reflects a user’s community status.

Building on the strengths of other award-winning SkillSoft products, SkillSoft Leadership Advantage provides busy executives with resources that target essential leadership and management skills. The many topics covered include: leading change, strategic agility, business execution and business acumen.  With SkillSoft Leadership Advantage, leaders can take advantage of inherent, practical training to build a greater understanding of key competencies that are aligned with organizational goals and needed to better lead and develop employees.

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