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Improve the Office 2010 Skills of Your German Staff

The SkillSoft Office 2010 KnowledgeCenter™ is now available in German. This is good news for our German customers as well as our customers with offices overseas!  The content isn’t just translated – it’s localized so it’s contextually relevant for that market.

What’s a KnowledgeCenter, you say?

It’s a portal that gives learners instant access to targeted, pre-packaged content on key topics. Each KnowledgeCenter includes material specifically chosen to help learners build knowledge around a topic as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The new German-focused KnowledgeCenter contains articles, courses and online books in German, including hands-on Practice Labs allowing business professionals to learn and use Office 2010 skills in a real-time environment.

Fulfilling business needs for a global market

While overall learning objectives in the German-focused KnowledgeCenter remain consistent, elements of the courses differ to account for cultural nuances and business style. SkillSoft strives to provide the necessary tools, to help global companies reach a broader audience and keep pace in the economy.

At the CeBIT global conference, the new German language KnowledgeCenter was one of three products selected for the “Innovation Award IT 2012” of IT Mittelstand in the category of e-Learning. The KnowledgeCenter was selected out of more than 2500 entries. In German speaking countries, SkillSoft has more than 50 employees work with approximately 400 customer organizations.

KnowledgeCenter resources include selections from Books24x7; SkillSoft courseware organized into Learning Roadmaps that make it easy for learners to locate and use the most appropriate courses for their needs, simulations (through SkillSims, practice labs, or the Project Center), expert mentoring services (for IT KnowledgeCenters and the PMI KnowledgeCenter); and featured topic spotlights, refreshed regularly, to provide an in-depth focus on particular topical areas.

Learn more

View the press release for more information on the new German-focused KnowledgeCenter.

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