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Thank You to Our Element K Customers!

Recently SkillSoft held a special call for former Element K Customer Advisory Council members to meet and discuss how the integration of the two companies is progressing. Participants also heard from Scott Eblin – the author of The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success – on how leading organizations get to the next level, visualize success, and handle disruptive trends.

Jerry Nine — the Chief Operating Officer at SkillSoft – shared with the council the progress made during the past five months since the acquisition of Element K was announced. During this time SkillSoft has:

  • Added over 70 experienced customer-facing and support individuals and over 40 experienced product development individuals to the company.
  • Deployed a unified content and platform strategy that focuses on adding approximately 400 Element K courses to the SkillSoft product line and the addition of key capabilities from the KnowledgeHub platform to SkillPort.
  • Expanded our investment in innovation with the conversion of over 325 business courses to support devices such as Apple iPad, Blackberry PlayBook and Android tablets.

Following Jerry, Scott discussed how leading organizations get to the next level, visualize success, and handle disruptive trends. During the open session, council members quickly focused on how they could help their organizations identify and remove those critical roadblocks holding both their teams and their organizations back. To help address those concerns, Scott shared his “Picking Up and Letting Go” concept that helps leaders, teams and organizations identify which attributes they need to “pick up” or internalize and what they should “let go of.”

Scott also shared his 20/80 Analysis Tool with the group.  The tool offers a simple yet effective way to identify what behaviors should be let go and picked up by both the leader and their team in order succeed in achieving their annual goals.

The session wrapped up by identifying future webinars and activities that will allow them to continue the next chapter in their partnership with Element K and SkillSoft. We were pleased to have this opportunity to hear from these customers and we encourage them to continue to share their insights to help drive further innovation!

Want to learn more about the concepts behind The Next Level?  The book itself is available on Books 24×7, the ExecSummary is available in both MP3 and PDF formats, and the Leadership Development Channel (LDC) contains videos which reference concepts such as “picking up and letting go” and the 20/80 principle.

To register for SkillSoft’s 2012 Annual Perspectives User Conference please visit:

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