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Understanding Talent Management

By now, everyone has heard about the intense competition for talent. Between the retiring baby boomers, skill shortages and the pressures to innovate and grow – it’s hugely important to find the right people. Human capital is a key asset that organizations rely on to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace. To attract and retain employees, you need a talent management strategy with learning as the foundation.

Complimentary webinar series on the role of learning content in the talent management process

SkillSoft partnered with subject matter experts to help you develop a talent management strategy that delivers business results. The series features Claire Schooley, senior analyst, Forrester Research, Inc., and Virginia Clark, co-founder, The Distinct Edge Group.

Learning and Talent Management: The Driving Forces Behind Positive Results
Thursday, April 19, 1-2 p.m. EDT

Recent studies indicate there are the four components of a talent management strategy.

  1. Demand-driven recruitment fills talent gaps strategically.
  2. Learning is directly linked to employee effectiveness and organizational success.
  3. Performance management drives learning and rewards.
  4. Compensation links employee accomplishments to business results.

During the webinar, guest Claire Schooley, from Forrester Research, Inc. will explore these elements and explain how they improve business results. Register today.

Integrated Talent Management: A Practical Approach
Wednesday, April 25, 1-2 p.m. EDT

Attend this webinar to learn a practical, step-by-step integrated talent management approach that is simple to understand and execute upon, and delivers the tangible results you want. Speaker Virginia Clark is a seasoned and highly regarded senior executive with over 28 years of extensive business experience, including launching and leading global learning and talent management organizations for SAP and Unisys Corporation. Register today.

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