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“Five Fallacies About the Role of Learning Content in Talent Management” Explores How…

While the industry is beginning to develop a better understanding of how learning impacts talent management, a number of false perceptions still exist. The greatest myth is that learning exists separate from the other components of an organization’s talent management strategy. But to have an impact, learning content needs to be in the workflow, not locked in a hidden system.

At Bersin IMPACT 2012, Josh Bersin, chief executive officer and president, Bersin & Associates, said, “The workplace is undergoing dramatic change. Companies operate on a global basis and jobs are far more specialized, creating a global talent gap. SkillSoft’s solutions address these evolving needs, and offer an expanded portfolio of resources that includes social, on-demand, mobile, storytelling and other next-generation methods. Such solutions go a long way to address the global talent crisis at all levels globally, and to equip employees with 21st-century skills.”

Leadership development, performance management, onboarding—even talent sourcing and recruiting—can all benefit from having learning content firmly embedded into the process. SkillSoft’s new white paper, Five Fallacies About the Role of Learning Content in Talent Management, explores the misperceptions about learning’s role in a talent management strategy and reveals truths about how learning can help solve the global talent crisis.

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