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Motivate, Innovate, Learn: SkillPort 8

By Stephanie Pyle

As consumer applications and social sites have evolved, we’ve become accustomed to new levels of ease of use and intuitive navigation.  As a result, employees are bringing these user experience expectations into the workplace, making it important for organization’s workforce tools to keep pace.

We have taken this evolution into account and have spent the past months working closely with our customers to incorporate their feedback into our products.  We are proud to announce the culmination of this work, the latest version of our learning management solution, SkillPort 8.

SkillPort 8 will allow users to learn the way they live their lives – connecting formal, informal, social and mobile learning, and delivering it when, where and how people want to learn. By evolving learning to be user-centric, instead of system-centric, the benefits are threefold: employees can benefit through easy access to resources and increased opportunities to develop themselves; learning departments can benefit through greater adoption and user satisfaction; and companies can benefit through a more productive and efficient workforce.

We unveiled SkillPort 8 this week at our annual user conference, Perspectives, and have already received great feedback from our many customers who are in attendance. One of the biggest points of excitement is the new, innovative user interface that will provide learners with content in a friendly, intuitive and highly visual format. The interface will allow users to access the content while on-the-go, with any web-enabled device. In addition, SkillPort 8’s filters and tools to refine search results will make it easier than ever for learners to find the information they need. There will also be more opportunities for collaboration between users across organizations through social features like commenting, ratings and recommendations that are embedded throughout the platform.

Overall, there has been a great response, which we truly value as our customers’ needs are what drive our innovation in today’s fast-paced world. We are excited to hear your feedback in the coming weeks.

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