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Browse With Ease Using Skillport® 8

Last week, we did deep dive on the “community” features within Skillport® 8 — today, we’ll explore the “catalog” features of Skillport 8.

One of the primary goals of Skillport 8 is to enable easy access to relevant learning assets.  Several aspects of the learner interface support this goal including a visually appealing design, intrinsic tablet support and the enhanced search functionality.  But perhaps no feature better enables the learner to quickly access relevant resources than the new unified catalog available under the “Browse the Library” tab in Skillport 8.

Across Skillsoft’s wide range of learning solutions, we offer tens of thousands of different courses, books, videos and other learning resources.  Organizing these resources into logical groupings that allow at-a-glance access is critical for discovery.  The new “unified” topic hierarchy used in Skillport 8 incorporates the best of existing catalogs and topic trees from earlier versions of Skillport and Books24x7, along with new enhancements to ensure that all learning resources can be accommodated and effectively displayed.

Five primary, high-level subject domains exist:  Business Skills, Desktop Skills, IT Skills, Compliance and Certifications.  These five areas encompass the largest majority of Skillsoft’s learning assets, and are those that are most highly used by our global learner community.  Customers can also develop alternate views of the standard catalog which may include custom content. Creating these custom views of the library allows organizations to tailor the content to their specific learning needs including competencies, job roles, or other organization-specific initiatives.

If a learner has access to a wide range of different learning resources (courses, books, videos, custom content, etc.) everything shows together in a single view, rather than in different catalogs and topical listings.  And, of course, to minimize confusion and ensure relevance, each learner only sees the resources to which they have been entitled – even if the entitlements vary widely throughout the organization.

As you begin browsing the new unified topic hierarchy in Skillport 8, you will be presented with lists of assets across the varying categories on the first page.  Immediately upon choosing a subject domain — for example, Business Skills — you will begin to see specially featured assets in a display carousel, which rotates specific resources of particular interest.

In addition, newly released titles within that domain will be displayed to ensure that learners are up to speed on the new content that has been made available to them.   As you choose topics, and then subtopics within the browse display, the list of titles will dynamically change so that the list continues to narrow to just the chosen topic area.

Powerful filters have also been added to let the user further narrow their selections by attributes such as type, duration, age, and more.   Filtering by community attributes such as if the title has been recommended by members of your community is also available.   Filters are an increasingly common feature on many websites, and provide a granular level of control over when selecting items of interest.

By dramatically enhancing the browsing experience in Skillport 8, learners will be able to more easily connect with the content of interest and relevance to their learning needs and preferences.

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