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Tennis Racquets and the Long Tail of Talent Development

We’re pleased to bring you a guest post by Gary Hartman, a SkillSoft partner alliances manager responsible for partnership programs with LMS, Talent Management and Portal providers.

By Gary Hartman

The Long Tail refers to how technology can be used to serve markets that were, until now, too small to be serviced effectively or economically.  For example, I know my local Tennis Shop doesn’t carry the old, discontinued model of tennis racquet that I use.  It just wouldn’t make sense for them to stock the hundreds of discontinued, but still good, racquets.  But I also know I can easily find the racquet for sale online.  My tennis game benefits from modern technologies’ ability to deliver goods to small, discrete audiences with specific needs.

Many companies design Leadership Development programs for only their top performers.  These programs are usually targeted at the top 5-10 percent of their employees.  What about the rest of the employees?

Modern Performance Management platforms and Learning Management Systems make it possible to enable every employee to find exactly the learning asset that they need to improve their performance in a way that makes sense to them.  You can provide the right learning to the specific employee who needs it, not matter where they are in the organization.  You can service the long tail of Talent Development.

The key is to make a wide array of learning assets available to all of your employees.  Organize the assets so they are related to a competency or skill, and make them easy to find.  Put them in a framework that lets employees understand the developmental areas they need to address.  SkillSoft’s broad and deep library of learning assets can provide just the right developmental tool to the right employee at the right moment in time.

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