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Middle management – where learning starts, stops, succeeds and fails

By Glenn Nott, VP and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Skillsoft

Having been involved in the Learning & Development (L&D) profession for over two decades I have witnessed many “hot” management trends, read countless books on management theory, and seen more and more attention drawn towards the need for managers to become leaders within their organizations. However, over the years, certain elements of management remain constant. One being their involvement in the L&D function.

Employees want to know the organization they represent invests in them personally through a formal, structured training and development program. The most valuable asset any organization has is its people. An organization that does not invest in the development of its employees sends a clear message that says “I don’t care about you.” Employees lack motivation to do their jobs effectively when they are not cared for and developed. Yet, how many managers in today’s world become “involved” and see L&D as a function of HR i.e. “it’s not my job”?

Join me at 2012 Skillsoft Perspectives Australia on the 15 – 16 of August as I share my observations from 20 years of dealing with corporations across the globe, and provide:

  • An insight into a truism that has existed for decades.
  • Real life examples of middle management engagement and empowerment, and not, in the development of staff within any organization.
  • Subsequent impact to the bottom line of any business.

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