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SHRM 2012 Annual Conference: recap

We’re please to bring you a guest post from Melynda Hilliard, Skillsoft’s Events Marketing Manager.

By Melynda Hilliard

Skillsoft recently attended the SHRM 2012 Annual Conference in Atlanta which focused on “Be − so be powerful, be bold___” as its theme this year. We enjoyed mingling with customers and thought-leaders as well as watching the impressive line-up of speakers.

On Sunday June 24, SHRM CEO Hank Jackson kicked off the conference, talking about how critical it is for companies to be aware of the growing skill gap and the importance of adapting to the changing marketplace.

During her presentation, Condoleezza Rice noted that undereducated children are one of the biggest threats to national security.  She explained that, in her new role as a current professor of political economy at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, she’s passionate about what education can afford people.  She also weighed in on a variety of current political issues during an interview on stage with Soledad O’Brien.

On Sunday evening, Skillsoft hosted a happy hour at Stats. Everyone had a great time relaxing and networking together!

Jim Collins author of Good to Great, and recently Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos and Luck −Why Some Thrive Despite Them All, spoke about how to build what he calls “level 5 leaders.” These leaders have a special “xfactor.” He gave a helpful to-do list at the end of his presentation that included: make a “stop doing” list and remember that if you have more than 3 priorities, you have none.  He advised the crowd to challenge their organization’s young people to be “level 5” leaders to help lead our next generation.

Pat Lencioni, President of the Table Group, gave a great presentation on Tuesday that discussed how organizational health is the single greatest competitive advantage in business. It is virtually free and accessible to any leader who wants it, and yet it remains largely untapped. On a side note – don’t miss our Live Event with Pat Lencioni on September 26!

On Tuesday night, Jerry Seinfeld really got the crowd laughing by making us evaluate the concept of the 5-Hour Energy drink product − what an odd specified time!  Who goes to work from noon to 5?!

Tom Brokaw closed out the program by reminiscing about his career along side of Walter Cronkite. He indulged the audience in a national story discussing politics and history and how each individual has the power to make a contribution to the future of others.

We’re excited for next year’s SHRM conference in Chicago, June 16 − 19!

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