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We’re pleased to bring you a guest post from our 2012 Skillsoft Perspectives Australia keynote speaker, Sue Langley, CEO, Emotional Intelligence Worldwide.

By Sue Langley

I have delivered dozens of speeches in my 20-year career, and still develop tingles of anticipation when I present to a group of individuals who are clearly hungry for knowledge and innovative ideas in 21st century business and personal growth. The 2012 Skillsoft Perspectives Australia Conference is no exception.

Over two days, I will be privileged to be part of a group of articulate, dynamic and creative people who are presenting a suite of ideas on knowledge and learning in contemporary culture – pretty exciting stuff! I am humbled to be presenting the Keynote speech, Transforming Culture by Leading with Innovation and Fostering Creativity.

As CEO of Emotional Intelligence Worldwide, I am fortunate to get to know many dynamic leaders who have the vision to want more in their personal and professional growth and development.

My area of expertise is the practical application of emotional intelligence, positive psychology and the neuroscience of what goes on in the human brain.  What I hope to deliver at Perspectives Australia are Ideas! I hope to give participants food for thought they can go away with, meditate on and start to put in practice.

Emotional Intelligence is an essential foundation to everything we do – decision-making, creativity, relationships and leadership. The more people learn, the more we can get the best out of ourselves, our teams and our organisations.

Everything we discuss will be practical and relevant to the audience and showcase the multi-faceted layers of innovation and creativity in effective leadership and how it can play a vital role in our work. The idea is to combine research and academia with practical application for us in the real world. The audience will hear real stories from the contemporary business world.

I hope to share some ideas about how the human brain functions and what we can learn to help maximise team engagement, discover how to use emotions and energy to develop higher levels of creativity for insightful ideas, and build cohesive and sustainable leadership teams by understanding the motivation attached to work activities.

To bring it back to learning, there is a huge connection between innovation and creativity and our emotional state. We know logically that when we are in a positive mood, we are more creative. The difference is that what people know through common sense isn’t usually common sense in practice.

By understanding how the brain works and using this knowledge we can enhance our ability to be creative and innovative. That is where learning can play a part.

There are many conferences that take place every day in Australian business – what sets Skillsoft’s 2012 Perspective Australia apart, is its uncanny ability to engage and inform its participants with a diverse range of speakers that influence and shape the audience in different capacities.

I look forward to seeing you at the conference!

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