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United States Air Force Renews Contract with Skillsoft to Support its Global Online Training Program

We are thrilled to announce that the U.S. Air Force has extended its decade-long partnership with Skillsoft with a new five-year contract to continue support of its global IT training program for critical IT and Leadership training for Air Force personnel worldwide.

The Air Force’s elearning program, offers ongoing IT training for person­nel responsible for establishing and maintaining Air Force networks and providing network security support. These resources help Air Force personnel keep pace with the latest industry standards for hardware, software, networking, productivity and other technologies. Air Force personnel also receive a wide range of leadership development training and support resources.

Air Force personnel will have access to more than 4,000 information technology, office automation, and professional development training resources, over 20,000 online reference books, and over 20 custom courses supporting AF-unique training requirements. The Air Force elearning program can help personnel prepare for over 100 industry certifications, many of those recognized by DoD Directive 8570.1.

The Air Force Space Command’s Cyberspace Support Squadron has assumed overall responsibility for the cyber training and other related programs formerly aligned under the Air Force Network Integration Center. Resources in the “Leadership Center” provide development opportunities at the earliest stages of an individual’s career to foster an environment encouraging continuous learning.  Through learning programs based on the AF Institutional Competencies, our resources support emerging leader development programs, with a focus on civilians, as well as continuous learning for first-level supervisors.

We are proud to have been selected to continue our long-term partnership with the Air Force and we look forward to helping them meet current and future cyber and leadership skills training and performance support requirements.

To learn more, check out our latest press release.

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