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Wondering what matters in learning analytics? You’re not alone.

By Kieran King, Global Director, Loyalty Strategy, Skillsoft

Some of the most commonly asked queries in our field include, “What should I report up to executives?” “What metrics are important to L&D?” and equally present is the question, “How does our L&D performance compare to others?”

Answers did not come easily until recently. An advisory board comprised of award winning CLO’s and a consortium of industry experts have joined forces to establish reporting guidance for our field. Whew!

Just as the accounting profession established a consistent set of clear definitions and reporting practices in GAAP, so has L&D. The emerging standard is referred to as the “Talent Development Reporting Principles” or TDRP. The data produced using these principles provides a solid foundation for analysis, just as the data produced by accountants according to GAAP provides the foundation for financial analysis.

The standards will begin by focusing on learning and development (L&D), a critical component of overall talent development with very broad appeal. Once TDRP has been created for L&D, the advisory board will create the same type of principles for more aspects of talent.

The goal in the L&D phase is to develop general concepts that can be used at all levels such as:

  • Senior Executives: CEO, CFO, COO, line of business executives, SVP of HR, Members of Board of Governors, etc.
  • Learning Executives: CLO or VP of L&D, Directors, Deans, Program Managers, and senior learning leaders with responsibility for programs, people and budget

The principles neutral, providing a central home for basic L&D information regardless of source, process or methodology.

Curious? Attend the 2012 Skillsoft Perspectives Australia workshop entitled, “Talent Development Reporting Principles – A New Industry Framework for Learning Analytics. The workshop will be held on day two of the Perspectives conference, 16 August at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth.

During this workshop you will:

  • Be introduced to the Talent Development Reporting Principles
  • Understand how to structure a report for a senior executive
  • Establish three reporting statements that illustrate business outcomes, learning effectiveness and learning efficiency
  • Begin to establish the action plan for implementing the Talent Development Reporting Principles within your organization

Attendees will also receive complimentary copy of the new standards and the opportunity to network with peers from the industry.

Learning is a business process just like any other. I am curious to hear, how are you measuring and managing its analytics?

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