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David MacLeod: VIP breakfast briefing

We’re pleased to bring you a guest post by Sophie Edwards, Marketing Manager from Skillsoft’s EMEA region.

By Sophie Edwards

Seven out of ten people in the UK are either neutral or don’t trust their bosses. This alarming stat was how David MacLeod, Chair of the Taskforce on Employee Engagement, kicked off the breakfast seminar with a bang at 2012 Skillsoft Perspectives London, Skillsoft’s annual customer event.

David was invited to Perspectives to reflect on the report Engaging for Success to an audience of HR professionals from big players such as Royal Bank of Scotland Group and BP.

Previously commissioned by the Department for Business (BIS), David was asked to take an in-depth look at employee engagement and to comment on its potential benefits for organisations and employees.

To kick-start the session, David shared with the audience a number of thought provoking stats and real life examples as well as interacting with the audience to discuss any engagement related issues that they’re experiencing within their own organisations.

A captivated member of the audience asked the question “what if levels of engagement are affected by what’s happening at home?”  In other words, do people have enough of a work-life balance or are they moving their beds into the office?

In response, David said he believes there are two types of people with one thing in common – tiredness.  Some people arrive home ‘good’ tired and others come home ‘frustrated’ tired.  Naturally, this can be affected by personal issues at home which in turn can determine how engaged they are in the workplace.

One of David’s most shocking stats was how only 10 per cent of organisations receive transformational engagement, whereby managers explain how to do the task in hand.  Therefore, a staggering 90 per cent of employees are receiving transactional engagement, where no support is provided. The audience was taken by surprise and David felt very passionately about this.

David also talked about how more effort should be put into engagement across the whole generation spectrum, and that he would like to encourage people to think about whether they’re offering just a small percentage of their capability or whether they’re working to their full potential?

To conclude, David reiterated that he would like to encourage employers to shine the light on good practice and create a sense of wellbeing for their employees.  With a jam-packed audience, plenty of discussion and laughter, David clearly captured the audience and delivered the report effectively.

To watch the highlights of Perspectives, please click here.

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