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Skillsoft helps you think like a CFO

In today’s business where departments are competing for more resources and budget, professionals need to make a strong business case and value proposition for their operations. Managers need to have a chief financial officer (CFO) mindset when running a department to help them make decisions and business proposals that are more likely to win senior management’s support, as they’ll be based upon sound financial and operational analysis.

To help professionals take a strategic view of financial decisions and activities in their organizations, Skillsoft today announced a new solution created to help managers develop a CFO mindset in the management of their departments to ensure that their decision making is founded on solid financial considerations and aligned with the overall goals of the organization.

The new series, Thinking like a CFO, is offered through Skillsoft’s award-winning Business Skills Library. The new series is based on the financial priorities and mindset of a CFO, including growing the top line, keeping fixed costs low and maintaining cash flow needed for paying bills and making funds available for new projects. The series also discusses how to make key organizational decisions involving financing, investments, and risk.

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