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Skillsoft Mentoring Services offers study tips

Skillsoft Mentoring Services provide online support, guidance and
encouragement to learners to
help them and their organizations maximize business performance. The
online resource, a team of mentors that hold
more than 1,000 certifications and accreditations, utilizes
a combination of learning content, information resources, flexible learning
technologies and support services to help professionals advance their careers
and contribute to the success of their organizations.

In an effort to provide learners with helpful guidance, Skillsoft
Mentoring Services has compiled a list of useful study tips. These tips aim to
help learners focus on their task and maximize their studying time for
successful results in the most efficient way possible.

Some sample tips from the Skillsoft Mentoring Services team
include: the importance of taking notes, which serves as mental engagement when
studying; uncluttering your environment so that you can remain focused on
studying and impervious to outside distractions; finding a study partner, in
keeping with the adage “two heads are better than one.”

In addition to study tips, Skillsoft Mentoring Services offers
tips for those wishing to take one of three vendor certification exams: CompTIA®,
Microsoft® and Cisco®. Included in the article are exam question types, rules
and tips on booking the exams.

To read the complete list of tips and suggestions from Skillsoft
Mentoring Services, please check them out on Facebook here.

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