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Introducing Throw Back Thursdays, a new series

We receive so much valuable content
from our customers, partners and internal subject-matter experts. On Thursdays, we thought it would be fun to do a “throw back” and bring back an
older post that was valuable to our audience. Today’s throw back discusses how
training can help small to mid-sized businesses.

Training is not just for the big guys

In today’s economic climate, it is more important than ever for
businesses to have a skilled workforce to help with the strategic growth of the
enterprise. For Small to Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs), developing and retaining
a skilled workforce is vital to their success. Unfortunately, many SMBs are so
focused on staying afloat that they don’t realize that training their employees
can go a long way in strengthening their overall business.

In a recent article on titled 11 Tips for Building and Managing a Team, a
question was posed to the Young
Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invitation-only nonprofit
organization comprised of the country’s most promising young entrepreneurs:

“What one employee management tip would you give entrepreneurs who
are building their team?”

The number one response:  “Train Them.”

The value of learning and development is
clear. A highly skilled workforce, and the continued development of those
employees, can be a strategic differentiator. Employees with well-developed
professional skills are more innovative and productive–this investment in
training results in a better future for the business and the employee. Large
enterprises have recognized this value for years. It’s time for learning
managers at SMBs to find learning solutions that deliver the training their
employees need in a way that works them.

Skillsoft offers a variety of solutions that can help SMBs train
their employees like large enterprises do – by utilizing technology to deliver
learning. Regardless of size, businesses need both comprehensive and targeted
learning assets that are highly engaging and accessible for today’s
time-pressed leaders.

With Skillsoft® Leadership Advantage™
, SMBs can benefit from the combination of formal and informal learning modes.
Interactive practice sessions, self-assessments, self-serve resource centers,
and online communities allow learners to build skills as needed.  The
latest version of the company’s targeted leadership development solution
leverages multiple modes of instruction, including text, videos and interactive
activities to help leaders build the skills they need to drive business

Another great option for SMBs is the Skillsoft® Leadership Development Channel™, designed to help
subscribing organizations train their managers and leaders to more effectively manage people and drive results. The Leadership
Development Channel is a web-based learning solution that combines live
interactive events and on-demand video programs featuring some of the world’s
most recognized leaders and management gurus. Each video offers
current, insightful and actionable information to drive positive change, growth
and innovation in today’s businesses.

SMBs can look to large organizations and follow their example.
Using technology to deliver learning and training, while leveraging multiple
modes of instruction, can help SMBs drive growth and sustain a competitive

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