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Get the biggest bang for your training dollars – spend your money where it’s needed

The need or request for training can come from many avenues—from
solving key business problems— to the employee themselves. Wherever the initial
spark has come from, the next step is to identify what training method would produce
results cost effectively.

Identify your business needs. For example:

  • Highly
    skilled workforce
  • Performance
  • Greater
    customer satisfaction
  • Improved
  • Better
    looking bottom line
  • Sustainability
    and/or growth

If your initial goal is to have a highly skilled workforce, you need
to ensure employees have the knowledge to do their jobs effectively and
efficiently. In the world of employee training, this means focusing our
resources on finding the best training products that align with that need.

This is especially true in the
Small to Medium Size Business (SMB) sector where margins are tight and training
budgets are limited. Ensuring the SMB executive is driving performance with
every dollar spend is crucial to the company’s success and often survival.

Much like when sending employees
out to a boot camp, or local college, it’s the quality of the course content
and result that’s of interest rather than how well equipped the facility is.
Identify what’s going to have the biggest impact on the result: the content.
Then worry about how to deliver it. Thankfully Skillsoft has been able to take
this into account by providing comprehensive content and a user-focused learning
management system (LMS).

Skillsoft addresses this need for
SMBs with knowledge products tailored to the specific needs of all levels of
employee from the new graduates to leaders. Skillsoft KnowledgeCenters,
Skillsoft Leadership
Advantage™ and Skillsoft Professional Advantage™
have all been designed to get the right training to where it’s needed fast.

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