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Give your managers tools to manage performance better

For many companies, it’s “that” time of year again… time for
managers to conduct annual performance reviews. While employees may dread
getting their reviews, managers often feel just as bad—if not worse—about
giving them.

During this performance review cycle, help your managers get off on the right

  • Help them understand why
    performance management is important. When managers understand its
    importance, they’re more likely to treat reviews as a priority
  • Help them plan for actual
    appraisals. When managers know specific steps to prepare for an effective
    review, it can help reduce their anxiety
  • Teach them specific skills for
    analyzing and addressing performance problems. Teaching managers skills
    for difficult conversations can help reduce stress and avoidance

Watch how St. Louis University uses Skillsoft resources to make
their performance reviews more effective.

St. Louis University uses Skillsoft as a performance management resource from Skillsoft on Vimeo.

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