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Using Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRp) to run learning like a business

The most successful CLOs today run learning like a business.
This means aligning learning to the business goals, carefully planning key
programs and agreeing on measures of success, and then actively managing the
programs to achieve the planned outcomes, effectiveness and efficiency.

Register for a complimentary webinar on September 13
Join Dave Vance, former CLO for Caterpillar and author of The Business of Learning to learn more
about running learning like business and how TDRp can help. Dave, who is
co-author of the TDRp papers, will provide an introduction to TDRp including
recommendations for categorizing measures and creating standard statements and
reports. See how the principles of running learning like a business combined
with the recommendations of TDRp can help you be a better
and more strategic business partner in your organization delivering the right
outcomes with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

With the help of leading practitioners and industry thought
leaders, TDRp answers the age-old questions in the context of running learning
like a business:

  • What data should we collect and how should the
    measures be defined?
  • What do CLOs, CEOs and other senior leaders want
    to see and how should it be presented?
  • How can we show the important role learning
    plays in achieving organizational goals?

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Learn more

a recent blog post by Dave Vance on completions in elearning

Stay tuned for details on a webinar with Dave Vance and Skillsoft
on November 7.

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