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Establishing Learning Program Metrics and Aligning Communications

Successful training programs come in all shapes and sizes but no matter what the contract value, audience size or product(s) sold, all programs have one thing in common — they’re evaluated by the company’s stake holders to determine its success.

Success can be measured by metrics such as total course completions, number of training hours fulfilled, knowledge transferred to job role or learner feedback.

One of the challenges in implementing a training and development initiative for the first time, is to determine what metrics to measure and why.

Probing questions can help to ignite discussions around what is important to the organization. This may require the client to have some internal conversations or bring other people on board the project. Once the organization identifies desired outcomes, Skillsoft can create a framework that allows us to quantify the results.

Aligning communication to desired outcomes will help to ensure a successful program. When learners and senior executives receive messaging that echoes the expectations and value of the program, the communication is often well received.  Communications that do not mirror the organization’s objectives will be seen as an unwelcome interruption.

When an organization has a well-defined process for outlining success and a communication plan that supports the program goals, client’s will typically experience a noteworthy return on investment,  have a high level of user adoption and a positive eLearning experience.

We’re pleased to bring you a guest post by Tera Gillen, Manager of Inside Sales, Skillsoft.

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