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Thank you Spiceheads for making SpiceWorld a success!

We’re pleased to bring you a guest post from Ben Holland, an
Account Manager, Skillsoft.

By Ben Holland

The Skillsoft
team had the pleasure of exhibiting at the SpiceWorld conference in the fun and
eclectic city of Austin, Texas, October 9-10. SpiceWorld attendees were very
relaxed and eager to share ideas. Most of them are friends and already know one
another from interacting on a regular basis within the Spiceworks online

SpiceWorldphotoSkillsoft was
honored to attend this event as a sponsor, and due to the easygoing atmosphere,
attendees were very excited to talk to us. Not only did they want to find out
who we were and we did, but also, to tell us how and why IT training was
important to them. Genuine conversations were sparked about the need for certifications
with vendors such as Cisco® and Microsoft®. Most people came from the small-to-medium business space so leveraging training resources from Skillsoft was
important to them because they could cost-effectively train people without
having to leave the office.

This type of
openness was even present during the panels, when the company founders took the
stage and opened the floor for questions. The audience could tell these people
were very proud of the community they created. Each founder made
several remarks on how their company culture is of utmost importance to them and
how it’s their top goal to make sure nothing ever harms it.

Of course,
there were numerous happy hours and after-parties, too. As one could probably
imagine, nothing about the relaxed atmosphere changed during these events. I
was surprised how often I was greeted by first name (I was no longer wearing a
badge) and had people sit down to talk with me further about how I could help
them. Such moments in themselves were worth the entire trip to Austin.

We also enjoyed
giving away a complimentary Skillsoft®
Live Learning™ course to several lucky winners! Given that so many IT pros
were concerned about certifications, winning this course was very desirable to

Skillsoft looks forward to being an active member online and
helping more Spiceheads succeed.  View our
community page to learn more:



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