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Throw Back Thursday: social learning

We receive so
much valuable content from our customers, partners and internal subject-matter
experts. On Thursdays, we thought it would be fun to do a “throw back” and
bring back an older post that was valuable to our audience.Today’s throw back
is about social learning.

Corporate social media ‘do’s and don’ts’

By Jim Zimmermann

in September, Andrew McAfee, the author of Enterprise 2.0
(Skillsoft® Books24x7 subscribers can read
the book
or the book
), wrote an interesting post in his Harvard Business Review
blog called “Do’s
and Don’ts for Your Work’s Social Platforms
”. McAfee points out that
how an employee uses their company’s social networking software should be
different from how they use their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

used correctly, McAfee believes that a corporate social tool can
“simultaneously advance your own work, make your existence and expertise better
known throughout a digital community, and benefit the organization as a whole”
– all things that any learning leader endeavors to provide.

goes on to provide a number of Do’s, Don’ts and “Gray areas” for users of
corporate social tools:

This article spawned a fascinating conversation between McAfee and readers (there were 26 comments as of Nov 17th). The comments generated two other Do’s and one other Don’t that McAfee agreed should be added to his lists:

Additional Do’s:

  • Add value, be relevant
  • Share what works

Additional Don’t:

  • Don’t make it look like you have nothing else to do except participate in the community (unless that is your actual job).

The comments also raised the issue of “thinking before you post” and writing in a
clear and understandable way. I’ll cover the importance of good writing skills
and how to help employees acquire them in a future post.

Are you looking for a social tool that will fit in with your learning strategies and
help facilitate McAfee’s list of Do’s? Then check out Skillsoft® inGenius® – a social
layer that allows the sharing of recommendations, notes and
comments on thousands of leading business titles.


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