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Flawless team motivation

Running any sort of department or team has its inherent challenges and soulful rewards. While there is no simple formula for keeping your team motivated and productive, I’ve followed a few simple guidelines that were effective with my own team.

Stay connected

In my experience, building a team to peak performance requires members to be dialed in.  In today’s workplace where so many employees are remote, we rely on phone, chat, chatter, email, past
conversations and a plethora of supporting cast to ensure the momentum always continues to build and move forward. This type of communication is key for producing clarity. Our social learning layer, Skillsoft®inGenius® fosters informal learning and gives teams the opportunity to share knowledge and collaborate. In early 2013, customers will be able to take social
collaboration and learning a step further with our Skillport® 8 platform.

Encourage one another

In retrospect, some of my best experiences in life have been during mini “eras” where each member of a team always worked at making the other members of the team look great in their daily routine.  Of course, a good mix of diametrically different, yet complementary personalities and skills help a team perform at higher levels and keep things very exciting.

Assemble the right people

When I think of team motivation, it is my belief that assembling the right people together is the single most important aspect. After you find the right people, enabling one another’s success and well-being will ultimately lead to another great chapter.


We’re pleased to bring you a guest post by Dennis Walsh, a Manager of Inside Sales at Skillsoft.

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