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Throw Back Thursday: blended learning

We receive so much valuable content from our customers, partners and
internal subject-matter experts. On Thursdays, we thought it would be fun to do
a “throw back” and bring back an older post that was valuable to our audience.
Today’s throw back is on blended learning.

How do you design effective blended learning programs?

Analysts and
industry leaders alike are all talking about blended learning and the benefits
of using that approach to build a learning program. According to a study by Bersin & Associates, “more than half of
all organizations now blend off-the-shelf content with custom content, and more
than a third blend off-the-shelf content with live, online virtual classroom

Blended learning
is not just substituting in-person training with elearning.
It’s about creating an integrated approach, leveraging several types of
assets together to accommodate different learning styles and preferences.
Beyond offering a variety of assets, blended learning needs to include support
and guidance for each component.

Does putting
together a blended learning program seem overwhelming? How do you know when to
use instructor led training as opposed to an elearning course?
Where do books, mentoring, assessments and practice fit in? View the archive of
a Skillsoft webinar on Blended
Learning: Critical Design Decisions,
where Sally Hovis, Vice
President of Learning Design at Skillsoft, presented key points to consider
when developing a blended learning program.

In this webinar, you will learn about
major blended learning design decisions, such as:

  • What blended “model”
    you should use
  • How content scope impacts program
    design: contained and focused, or broad and comprehensive
  • How design for individual
    learners differs from cohort/group design
  • Which content assets and delivery
    options to use

View the webinar today.

Share your
thoughts on blended learning with us below. What types of strategies do you
have in place to make your program effective and successful?


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