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Throw Back Thursday: performance reviews

We receive so much valuable content from our customers, partners and
internal subject-matter experts. On Thursdays, we thought it would be fun to do
a “throw back” and bring back an older post that was valuable to our audience.
Today’s throw back is on mobile resources that support performance reviews.

Mobile Learning Support for Performance Reviews

By Ann
Gebreselassie, Learning Consultant, Skillsoft

As the end of the
year approaches, you may be deep in the performance review process. Skillsoft
offers many tools and resources to assist your organization during the
performance management cycle, as several of my colleagues have recently written
about on this blog. Skillsoft also offers mobile
learning solutions
to help support managers as they prepare to conduct
performance reviews.

As technology continues to evolve at
breakneck speed, has your life-long-learning strategy kept pace?
Certainly there is still value in face-to-face learning interactions.
Both formal, as in a classroom setting, or informal as in mentoring,
traditional methods of learning are not going to disappear.  With the
globalization of business, and the advanced technologies that support it, the
need for quick and agile learning opportunities has risen as a priority.
In particular, the more senior your role within an organization, the more
necessary it becomes for your learning and development to gel with hectic

Here are some
examples of ways that Skillsoft supports continuous learning on-the-go for
leaders at every level of an organization, including solutions to help managers
prepare for performance reviews:

  • Skillsoft® Books24x7® ExecSummaries™: These 8-page summaries provide a
    synopsis of some of the top business books.  Written by the authors
    themselves, ExecSummaries are perfect for a quick read on a
    tablet.  Some of my personal favorites include: The Truth About Leadership, Multipliers, and Win:
    The Key Principles to Take Your Business from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

  • Skillsoft® Leadership Development
    Channel™/ 50 Lessons:
    It’s like
    having a keynote speaker in your pocket.  Quick snippets of relevant
    information shared by leading business executives and best-selling
    authors.  These videos
    play well on smartphones, tablets, as well as on the big screen in a
  • Business
    to further supplement mobile learning options.
  • Skillsoft
    IT and Desktop Videos
    3-5 minute videos
    to help you quickly learn a new skill.

It’s a great time
to be a Skillsoft customer!  For creative ideas on how to implement mobile
learning in your workplace, contact your Skillsoft Learning Consultant today!

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