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Book Review: Building the Learning Organization: Achieving Strategic Advantage through a Commitment…

By Pam Boiros

It’s no secret that over the past decade economic, social and
technological forces have intensified significantly, dramatically altering the
traditional work environment. External change and forces demand either
organizational adaptation or extinction.

Now in its third edition, Building
the Learning Organization
is a recognized classic in the field.  In the years since it has been published,
hundreds of organizations worldwide have learned about and applied the learning
organizational model and strategies in the book.

Author Michael J. Marquardt is professor of Human Resource Development
and International Affairs as well as Program Director of Overseas Programs at
George Washington University.  Dr.
Marquardt also serves as President of the World
Institute for Action Learning and is the author of 20 books.  In this new edition of Building the Learning Organization, Marquandt makes a bold

As we enter the second decade of the
twenty-first century, organizations must learn even faster and adapt more
seamlessly to changes in the environment or they simply will not survive…  I predict that within the next ten years, only
learning organizations will be left. Companies that do not become learning
organizations will soon go the way of the dinosaur; they will die out because
they were unable to adjust to the changing environment.”

With case studies from several global corporations, and a review of the
key organizational and leadership theories, this book is designed to help
learning leaders at all levels understand how to leverage existing resources
and build successful learning organizations.
Applied effectively, these techniques can result in an organizational
culture of learning, and a highly skilled and competitive workforce that helps
your organization grow and achieve success.

What do you think? Is your company a world-class learning organization
– or aspire to be one? Read this book
and let us know. Skillsoft® Books24x7® BusinessPro™
subscribers can access this book.

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