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Bersin by Deloitte – A New Year’s resolution set to shift talent management

By John Ambrose

After writing about HR industry consolidation for the
past 18 months, congratulations to our friends at Bersin & Associates who joined
the club with their New Year announcement that they are now part of Deloitte
Consulting LLP!  In case you missed the
news, Bersin & Associates will now function under the moniker “Bersin by Deloitte” and the
two groups will collaborate to offer an integrated spectrum of HR, learning,
and talent services. On a personal level, I’ve known Josh since his Digital
Think days and have admired his stamina, integrity and success in building one
of the premiere consultancy brands specializing in learning and talent.

This new relationship is certain to provide mutual
benefits to both organizations. It is also a reflection of the maturing of the
talent management landscape.  Whereas
much of Bersin’s past value has been in helping clients with vendor selection,
I have to believe that Deloitte and Bersin see opportunity ahead in preparing
for the next natural market wave which is Talent Management market – value

While vendor selection will still be important, I believe the area
where companies really need even greater help going forward is in deriving
value from these major platform investments. Organizations are looking for
tangible results based on real behavior change through the application of
knowledge transfer and skills development.  The future is not about checklists of
functionality but about roadmaps for managing performance as a process.

To me we’re shifting from a focus on the platform, the suite and
the administrator, to a focus on the user.
Finally!  The desire to
efficiently and effectively improve how humans share, absorb and apply
knowledge is the core reason for organizations to invest in a talent platform

Bersin by Deloitte has an opportunity to guide the industry
through this next wave as awareness grows that “learning” is not as an LMS
platform check-off item, but a business process that deeply integrates platform
functionality with great learning content/assets/IP in ways that mirror how
people really work.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts about the implications of this
partnership and the shifting talent management landscape. Where do you think
learning should sit on the broader talent management checklist? And what
factors do you think will drive it there?

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