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Launch a Five @ 5:00™ campaign

Looking for a simple and sticky approach to promoting a culture of learning and employee driven development? Search no further and Launch a Five @ 5:00 campaign in your organization.

Five @ 5:00 focuses on the time-strapped employee (who isn’t today?) and connects a simple behavioral change technique with a powerful process to enable people to learn and reflect. First, the behavioral change technique.  As you read this now, go to your calendar, and set a daily reoccurring meeting at 5 p.m. marked Five @ 5:00. Developing a new habit is much easier if we change something in our environment and not rely on will power and intention alone. Simply put, if we plan it, we are more likely to do it.

In just five minutes, have employees do one or both of the following:

1. LEARN:  Make employees aware of the learning resources available to them in your organization and position what can be consumed in less than five minutes such as a Skillsoft® Leadership Development Channel™ QuickTalk video or material from the Skillsoft® Books24x7® ExecSummaries™ collection.  Make it easy and send employees an Outlook invitation for Five @ 5:00 and include a list of learning resources they can take advantage of with a description of this process. Recommend they share their learning (in team meetings) and ask for suggestions on which learning resources to promote for Five @ 5:00.

2. REFLECT:  Ask them to take a step back, think strategically and reflect on what they can do differently or better. Better yet, have them take on Marshall Goldsmith’s Daily Question Process. The Daily Questions are developed by the individual to help them realize their goals and live their values. At 5:00 each day, employee can evaluate their progress. On each question (have them develop five or six to start), employees can either rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best) or answer YES or NO. They can also type in ideas or comments as they would in a journal. Here are a few question examples.

  • How well did I listen to different points of view before giving my opinion? (1-10)
  • Did I provide positive recognition to an individual on my team? (YES or NO)
  • How well did I plan and execute my day? (1-10)

For me, one of my Daily Questions is “Did I do my best to engage with my family?” It can be challenging (to say the least) at the end of a day to adjust from employee to parent and spouse. This simple question has had a wonderful effect on my home life and will share a brief story to illustrate the power of this process. One morning, approximately three months ago, we unexpectedly finished breakfast early and had a few minutes to spare. I looked at my seven year-old daughter Viive who was waiting for me to holler, as I always do, “Time to go to school!” Instead, I enthusiastically thundered with, “Want to draw a picture with Dad?” My daughter’s face lit up the room and in no time, we created the picture attached to this blog. This quality moment, and many others since may not have happened if I didn’t have this simple question in my head.

Launch a Five @ 5:00 campaign and watch your employees learn, grow and take new ownership of their engagement (at home and at work) and development.  By accelerating their growth, you can accelerate the growth of your organization.

By Taavo Godtfredsen 

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