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Mobile learning: Increased personalization?

By Margot Cook,
Skillsoft Learning Strategist and Program Manager

I was amazed this morning as I watched my 5-year old daughter
use my smartphone. She happily sat down, played a math game and when she
was done, found a video to watch. I’ve had conversations with colleagues and
friends, marveling about how our children would rather watch a video on a smartphone screen than on the big screen. Growing up in a world of ever increasing
TV screen sizes, I’ve always wondered what the appeal is. Five minutes later, I
had my answer when my 3-year old son attempted to sit with his sister to watch
the video, and the screaming started. Watching the video and learning from the
mobile device was her experience,
and, at that time, not one she wanted to share. The small screen provides a
more intimate setting, and is targeted just at her. It was highly personal.

That being said, mobile learning can also be collaborative.
The night before, when we were discovering how to cut a pineapple, the 3 of us
huddled around the small screen together. While I was cutting, my daughter
re-watched the video and my son gave me other pointers and ensured I followed
all of the steps. We were truly collaborating in the battle of the pineapple,
and eating the yummy pineapple together was our reward.

Learning on a mobile device is personalized, but it can also
be collaborative. How often do we really huddle with our colleagues? Sometimes
it’s nice to deliver a presentation sharing an Apple® iPad® screen rather than
projecting on a wall. In sports, football teams huddle all the time, or in the
case of the no huddle offense, are at least constantly communicating and
sending signals. Does mobile learning lend itself both to the personalization
of learning, and to increased collaboration? I ask you to be the judge, and try
it yourself. After all, you can’t teach and explain the experience of
leveraging a solution if you aren’t familiar with it yourself. If you’re not an
early adopter and aren’t sure where to start, why not check out Skillsoft®
Books24x7® on your mobile, or watch a Skillsoft® Leadership Development Channel™
Video, Skillsoft IT or Desktop Video on your phone? I think you’ll be
pleasantly surprised.

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