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Untangling the training, mentoring, coaching confusion

By Jim

For over three decades Jim Clemmer’s keynote
presentations, workshops, management team retreats, seven bestselling books, articles,
blog and newsletters have helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.The CLEMMER Group is Zenger/Folkman’s
Canadian Strategic Partner, an award-winning firm best known for its unique
evidence-driven, strengths-based system for developing extraordinary leaders
and demonstrating the performance impact they have on organizations. Read more

Marketing on a shoestring

We’re pleased to bring you a guest post by a Skillsoft customer, Stacy
Wasson, Senior IT Trainer, CNO Services, LLC.

By Stacy Wasson, Senior IT Trainer

Budgets, budgets, budgets – unless you are lucky enough to work
with sales or marketing (and their big coffers), your training organization
likely struggles to be effective within the constraints of a small budget. Read more

Skillsoft introduces Sales Advantage – A flexible, engaging competency based learning solution

We are excited to announce the availability of Skillsoft Sales Advantage, a
new technology-enabled learning solution that teaches sales professionals the
latest strategies and techniques for engaging customers and closing sales. The
solution delivers targeted blending learning content for improving sales
effectiveness at all levels, and we are thrilled to add this offering to our
diverse portfolio catered to our sales professional customers.Read more

Watch Jennifer Kahnweiler, a champion for workplace introverts

Conversations in Leadership is a Skillsoft webinar series
featuring business experts and best-selling authors from the Skillsoft®  Leadership Development Channel™
and  50 Lessons

us for a complimentary webinar featuring Jennifer Kahnweiler
April 2, 12-1 p.m.Read more

Skillsoft unveils 2013 Global Skillsoft Perspectives learning industry event agenda

By Melynda Hilliard, Manager of Events, Skillsoft

Only two months until the 2013 Global Skillsoft Perspectives Learning Industry Event! We are excited to announce our event agenda, which includes topics for learning sessions, workshops
and keynote addresses by marketing provocateur Seth Godin and employee relations expert Peter Cappelli.Read more

From capitalism to talentism: a complimentary webinar with Lucian Tarnowski

27 March 2013 – 12 p.m. GMT

Understanding the role of social media
in talent engagement

As the prevalence of social networks continues to grow, more and more of
us are using the likes of Twitter and Facebook for not just personal, but
business use.Read more

Getting the most value from learning

We’re excited to share some of our key priorities for 2013
that were announced at Skillsoft’s recent annual global kick off meeting! These initiatives will help our customers and
prospects get even more value from their learning programs.Read more

Skillsoft announces diverse lineup of live and interactive leadership events

We are
excited to announce the schedule for our next four Live Events! Available to customers of
Skillsoft’s Leadership Development Channel
and 50 Lessons and Skillsoft Leadership Advantage, these events provide
subscribers with cutting-edge thinking in business and leadership through live
and interactive presentations.Read more

Working from home vs. conventional office environment

Working from home vs. conventional office environment - not the simple definition it used to be

By Glenn Nott

It’s been little surprise to see the international backlash surrounding Yahoo Chief, Marissa Mayer’s decision to abolish work from home. Business heavyweights including Sir Richard Branson, have refuted Ms. Mayer’s archaic views of flexible working and I am also disappointed.Read more

Hiring for service, not servitude

By Shawn Hunter

Finding people who will bring a fresh perspective and yet
work well within a team is a challenge. For a team to be successful, each
member must bring a combination of skill, belief in the team’s mission, and the
ability to collaborate.Read more