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From capitalism to talentism: a complimentary webinar with Lucian Tarnowski

27 March 2013 – 12 p.m. GMT

Understanding the role of social media
in talent engagement

As the prevalence of social networks continues to grow, more and more of
us are using the likes of Twitter and Facebook for not just personal, but
business use. Indeed, last Christmas
Twitter revealed that it had more than 200 million monthly unique users; with both people and businesses keen to get involved and reap the
benefits of this increasingly mainstream communication medium.

So with interest in social media at an all time high, does it have real
relevance for businesses beyond representing a nice add-on?

Lucian Tarnowski, founder and CEO of, believes social media has created a
fundamental shift in the way organisations communicate and engage with talent.
He believes talent is king in the modern workplace and will explain how
businesses can use social media to engage and foster talent, in a free
Skillsoft webinar on Wednesday 27 March at 12pm GMT.

In the session, Lucian will explore:

  • The effect and impact of social media on
    the talent function.
  • How next generation talent now expects
    to be engaged online.
  • The opportunity to leverage the internal
    knowledge and content at your organisation to the external world.
  • Social learning trends and the future of
    online learning.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to use social media
to attract and retain top talent, visit our event page to register for the free webinar. We
look forward to seeing you (virtually at least!) on the day.

About Lucian Tarnowski
Lucian is Founder and CEO of the
social platform where organisations create talent communities in order to
attract, engage, develop people from their past, present and future workforce.
The long term value is that BraveNewTalent will map the talent graph by
knowledge, skills and potential enabling organisations to increase the
efficiency of applying human capital.

Lucian has been honoured as a Young Global
Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum. He is also winner of the Global
Enterprising Young Brit. In his spare time Lucian runs Take Heart India, a
no overheads charity that provides blind and handicapped students in rural
India with the vocational employment skills that guarantee them jobs for life.
Lucian speaks to audiences around the world about the convergence of talent and
technology and its impact on the future of the global workforce and education.

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