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Independent Study Reveals Skillsoft Elearning is a Smart Answer to the Global Talent Crisis

By Pam
Boiros, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Skillsoft

Today, I’m presenting at the KnowledgeAdvisors annual Analytics Symposium in
Miami, Fla. I can’t wait to present the results of a recent joint research
project between Skillsoft and Knowledge advisors. Built
on the results from Skillsoft’s 2011 Moving
the Needle: How Skillsoft Learning Impacts Performance of Individuals and
report, this new study compared the
2011 findings to two new benchmarks: classroom
training and in-house developed elearning.

More than 7,800 individual learners from 465 organizations
found that Skillsoft elearning solutions were as good as or better than
in-house developed elearning and were as effective as classroom training in their
ability to positively impact the job. Responses came from organizations of all
sizes and industries across a wide geographic landscape with varying lengths of
experience with elearning.

According to the study, some of the key areas in which
learners experienced clear, measurable benefits using Skillsoft’s elearning
solutions include:

  • Positive impact on critical areas of business
  • Increased satisfaction
  • Higher learning application rates
  • Benefits of elearning demonstrated across industries

We know that business leaders are most concerned with getting a return
on their training investment as defined by business impact metrics. That’s why
the results of the study are so significant in today’s business environment
where companies are expected to do more with fewer resources. It makes a strong
case for training and HR professionals to change their tactics from
overinvesting in classroom training or building training internally and seek
more cost-effective solutions.

We chose KnowledgeAdvisors to collaborate on this study
because they are the world’s largest provider of learning and talent
measurement solutions, including Metrics That Matter®. I’m excited
to share this story with the KnowledgeAdvisors community during my session.

If you’ll be at the Analytics Symposium, please attend my
session Wednesday, March 6 at 3:00 p.m.
If you’re not able to attend, follow the discussion about the event on
Twitter (#analyticssymposium).

Interested in this study?
We’ve published a whitepaper containing the results, Challenge
the Status Quo with a Smarter Approach to the Global Talent Crisis
. Download
your complimentary copy today.

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