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New webinar series for small & midsize businesses

Do you need some help in meeting your 2013 learning and
development goals? Not sure where to start?

Join us at one (or both!) of the following webinars, and let
our experts assist you in building a strategic, successful program for your

Getting Started with
Elearning: 8 Questions to Consider

Thursday, March 7
12-1 p.m. EST

Building a corporate learning program for a growing business
calls for out-of-the-box thinking, incorporating the advantages of many types
of learning to benefit your organization’s single biggest investment — your
people. Speaker Dorman Woodall will help you answer questions such as:

  • How does elearning reduce scrap learning?
  • Should I buy or build elearning content?
  • Which topics should I address first?
  • How do I ensure the success of my elearning


Finding Big ROI for
Skills Training at SMBs

Tuesday, March 12
12-1 p.m. EDT

In this session, we will put ROI of elearning into the
context of the SMB market, discussing typical ROI criteria that align to SMB
needs and share case study examples of businesses driving powerful impact
through elearning. Speaker Laura Rexford will answer key questions such as:

  • Are we doing the right thing by using elearning?
  • How does elearning align to our cost management
  • Does elearning compete for my employees’ time?
  • Will it even work for businesses like ours?
  • What’s the real payoff of elearning?


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