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Skillsoft introduces Sales Advantage – A flexible, engaging competency based learning solution

We are excited to announce the availability of Skillsoft Sales Advantage, a new technology-enabled learning solution that teaches sales professionals the latest strategies and techniques for engaging customers and closing sales. The solution delivers targeted blending learning content for improving sales effectiveness at all levels, and we are thrilled to add this offering to our diverse portfolio catered to our sales professional customers.

Our team understands that today’s incredibly competitive sales environment demands for sales teams to consistently perform at peak levels, so we designed Skillsoft Sales Advantages to meet these objectives and enable sales teams to perfect effective selling strategies. Through regular practice and specialized tools, Skillsoft Sales Advantage provides salespeople with the support they need to achieve a competitive advantage in the market without sacrificing time or quality.

The solution consists of targeted learning tracks that offer real-world, practical insight from top sales and business leaders, focusing on key selling skills and best practices. Users can leverage a variety of learning formats including videos, book summaries, practice tools, case studies, on-the-job resources and assessments to fit any learning style.

Skillsoft Sales Advantage is designed to meet the need for shorter, more flexible learning alternatives for busy sales professionals. Leveraging the popular design of the Skillsoft Leadership Advantage and Skillsoft Professional Advantage series, Skillsoft Sales Advantage features two-hour learning tracks that are organized in easily accessible 3-5 minute segments, allowing busy sales professionals the opportunity to fit training into their schedules. Learning tracks cover topics including organizing your sales approach, prospecting, conducting discovery meetings, negotiating, closing and more. Multiple modes of expert instruction are offered including text, video and interactive practice activities, which are designed to keep learning quick, easy and engaging.

The program can be easily customized to align learning tracks with an organization’s own sales models and practices. The On The Go area brings together all the learning assets within a particular track in one spot where learners can download content to use on mobile devices. Social collaboration features reinforce relevant content and drive learner engagement through interaction.

How will you use Skillsoft Sales Advantage to maximize your productivity and strategy as a sales professional?

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