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Skillsoft’s Conversations in Leadership Series continues its lineup of distinguished experts

We are
excited to celebrate the first anniversary of our Conversations
in Leadership
series! The popular program, which follows a web-based
conversation format moderated by Skillsoft’s leadership expert Shawn Hunter,
regularly features prominent business experts’ insights on leadership
development.Read more

Why elearning continues to trend upward

Elearning has been a viable replacement for traditional
instructor-led training since the late nineties. From major corporations to
respected universities, elearning adoption continues to grow.

People want to learn online
It comes as no surprise that elearning continues to be a growing trend
around the world.Read more

Trackable compliance training: A must-have for government contractors

By Katherine Doe,
Skillsoft Marketing Manager, with Charlie Voelker, Esq., Skillsoft Legal
Compliance Solution Manager

While Charlie contributed previously here on Learning re-imagined, I’d like to take an opportunity to more formally introduce him – our Compliance team has an impressive level of expertise! Read more