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Skillsoft Marks 10th Anniversary of its Groundbreaking Learning Growth Model

We are thrilled to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of our
Learning Growth Model® this month! To recognize this milestone, we
are excited to introduce an updated whitepaper and infographic that illustrate
the transformation of training into learning and include the most recent
innovations in the learning industry.

The new infographic, which outlines the latest version of
the Learning Growth Model, is available at:

Initially developed in 2003 to help organizations chart a
realistic direction on their path to learning optimization, the five-stage
model aligns learning with strategic business goals, leading to increased cost
savings, productivity, performance, employee retention and competitive

five stages of the Skillsoft Learning Growth Model are:

  • Stage
    1 – Supplement
    In this stage, elearning is introduced to address scalability challenges and
    reduce costs. New elearning resources address a backlog of demand for
    skills-based training that could not be delivered via traditional methods due
    to high costs. Reduced travel costs, design and development costs, instructor
    time and learners’ time away from work all contribute to significant cost
  • Stage
    2 – Targeted
    During stage two, targeted learning begins to support specific initiatives and
    job roles. This stage expands earlier results and provides elearning in new
    workplace areas. Elearning resources replace redundant classroom training,
    which further reduces learning costs. Executive support typically increases
    during this stage of the Learning Growth Model.
  • Stage
    3 – Strategic
    Learning is aligned to strategic business objectives and begins to connect to
    talent management to increase the value and impact of learning during stage
    three. This is the most pivotal stage in the Learning Growth Model and marks
    the transformation from skills-focused training to
    business-focused learning and is a major point of change into a new learning
  • Stage
    4 – Integrated
    Stage four is marked by increasing talent and accelerating organizational
    agility. Organizations that reach this stage have successfully woven learning
    into the fabric of the organization. Learning is focused on accelerating
    business results, deepening the talent pool and creating an agile, empowering,
    productive and creative organization.
  • Stage
    5 – Optimized
    Organizations at the optimized stage have fully matured and are focused on
    deepening talent and broadening learning to the extended enterprise. Elearning
    is branched out to the organization’s supply chain, customers, etc. Learning
    has become globally ubiquitous and seamlessly integrates into the workplace.

at Skillsoft, we take pride in consistently delivering quality content to our
valued customers and partners and we look forward to continuing to support the
talent development process through unique tools and content. By closely correlating a learning program with
tangible business goals, organizations can improve knowledge retention and
document a return on their learning investment. Our whitepaper and infographic
are excellent tools for guidance through this process, which transforms basic
training into integrated learning.

How has your organization optimized learning
over the past ten years?

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