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Why elearning continues to trend upward

Elearning has been a viable replacement for traditional
instructor-led training since the late nineties. From major corporations to
respected universities, elearning adoption continues to grow.

People want to learn online
It comes as no surprise that elearning continues to be a growing trend
around the world. In the digital age, people don’t go to the library or their
bookshelf when they want to know something. Whether they need to define a word
or know how to tile their bathroom floor, people are turning to popular search
engines like Google, wikis like Wikipedia and even social media sites like
Pinterest. One study
stated that 76% of teachers are using Wikipedia in the classroom.

Unfortunately, not all of the information available online
is vetted or accurate. Elearning meets the need for on-demand resources while
providing quality content. Learning assets such as courses, videos, books, and
guides provide employees with the on-the-job training they want from respected
subject matter experts.

Elearning is ideal
for both employees and employers
Bringing employees to the training isn’t cost effective. When you factor in
instructor time, travel and time away from work, traditional instructor-led
training is expensive. Online learning brings training to employees, allowing
them to access training anytime, anywhere. Elearning also helps companies stay
competitive. As industries rapidly change, the nimble nature of online learning
allows content to keep pace.

Not only does online learning save money, it also saves
time. Elearning classes are 25 – 60% shorter in duration than classroom
training. And the shorter courses are more engaging, increasing knowledge
retention by as much as 60%.

Online learning can also increase job satisfaction and
employee retention. Many employees leave their jobs because their position
lacks opportunities for advancement and enrichment. Providing access to both
formal training programs and on-demand resources allows employees to grow

The benefits on online learning are clear, driving an
increase in demand. Elearning is a multi-billion dollar business and it’s
likely to double in size in the next few years. Organizations around the world
are using elearning to save money on training while gaining a competitive edge.

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