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2013 Global Skillsoft Perspectives Recap

We’re pleased to bring you a guest post by a Skillsoft Regional Account
Executive, Sabrina Smith. Sabrina traditionally recaps Skillsoft Perspectives
within her team—this year we’re sharing her point 
of view on the blog.

By Sabrina Smith, Regional Account Executive,

Greetings to those of you that attended Skillsoft Perspectives— and to
those of you that did not!

I sat on the plane ride home, reflecting on our week together, I jotted down a
few highlights to share.  It was interesting to me that many of the
sessions shared the same key themes:

  • This is the era of learner engagement.
  • The business isn’t going to care about learning until learning
    cares about the business.
  • Some measurement is better than no measurement.
  • Don’t be afraid of failure; it’s how we learn.

recap to you is a little tradition I like to call the Post-Perspectives Dénouement,
sort of a “Perspectives-in-120-seconds.”  My hope is to continue the
conversation we started this week and that you’ll share with me your highlights
as well….and for those of you unable to attend, this is my way of bringing
Perspectives back home to you.

panel discussion

loved this panel discussion!  It was lively, rich with content, and had
the “movie stars” of measurement thought leadership.  The time for viewing
L&D as a cost or an activity has passed. We need to view L&D as a
business driver and not wait to be asked for results.  Data is just
numbers— it’s the metrics that matter.  So if you’re not delivering the
“So what?” to your executives, what do you need to do differently?
Kieran’s rally cry to us was “this is no time to think,” but to act and act
now, as some measurement is better than no measurement.  Try and “get over
being perfect,” as it’s not going to happen, and, after all, you learn from
failure.  Laurie Bassi shared with us “Let not the perfect become the
enemy of the good.”  We were urged by the panelists to stop using
measurement as a defensive crouch but rather as a tool for continuous
improvement, and to deliver this news with confidence.

Seth Godin

keynote, broadcast live via the Skillsoft® Leadership
Development Channel™ and Skillsoft® Leadership Advantage™ (and now available in
its recorded format) was a
huge highlight for me.  He shared his thoughts
with us on the arrival of the “connection economy,” based on coordination, trust, permission and exchange of
ideas.  That it’s the experience we pay for now.  And again a repeated
theme of not being afraid of failure. We need to have a willingness to fall and
skin our knees.  Seth shared that really all innovation is failing and
failing and failing until something works.  Also, what resonated
with me was Seth’s assertion that often urgent gets in the way of what’s

Professor Peter Cappelli

Professor Cappelli shared his thoughts on how to plan for talent
needs and how to think about the fundamental choice between “making”
talent from within, “buying” talent from the outside market, or
“borrowing” it from staffing firms and other vendors. He also shared
the more thoughtful approaches some organizations have adopted to develop
people from within by nurturing a culture of continuous development and
embedding learning opportunities in-line with work activities.  Clear from
his keynote, the real opportunity for talent management is all from within the
walls of your organization.

Harry Potter

And of course, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal
did not disappoint!  Roller coaster rides galore, no lines, and a great
time to relax and have some fun!

closing, I hope you were also able to take advantage of the tremendous
networking opportunities! I left Orlando with a slightly larger circle of
connections and business cards.

So, now what?  Seth Godin talked about
the crippling effect of inaction and urged us to
decide before you go to bed at night which fork in the road you are going to
take.  To “dare to fly close to the sun.”  Human capital is a top concern of your CEO today, and
learning is at the heart of talent management transformation.  How will
you seize this opportunity and embrace your business impact responsibility?  How will “learning transformed” look in your

will you start doing today? Stop doing today?

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