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Check out our New Look!

is excited to announce the launch of a newly designed and re-architected website.

The site’s homepage features an inviting color palette, a clean, uncluttered
design, simplified navigation and sample learning content. To help our clients
and prospects find what they’re looking for, the new site is organized
primarily around the three brand pillars—Content, Service and Experience—and
secondarily around Business Solutions, Products and Resources. A login menu
conveniently allows our customers to find the Skillsoft® Books24x7® login page or support
for their Skillport login URL.

Resources such
as white pages, case studies, webinars on demand and demos are all readily available
and relevant to each page. This saves our visitors from sifting through the
site to locate what’s of interest to them. To support visitors on-the-go, our website
features a responsive design, ensuring they have an optimal experience whether
they’re on a tablet, smartphone or a desktop.

celebrate this milestone, employees in the corporate headquarters enjoyed a
special, festive cake.


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