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The USO, a Training and Development Maven, and Hundreds of Hungry Learners

By Katherine Doe,
Marketing Manager, SMB & Compliance

When the USO, a nonprofit
organization supporting US military personnel and their families, needed help in
building a global learning program for employees, we at Skillsoft were up for
the challenge.  However, our partner at the USO, Dr. Angela Kegler, was quite
the training and development maven when we met!  Already a seasoned
professional in the learning world, Dr. Kegler just needed the right solution
to fit the unique needs of the USO.   She explains, “We wanted to
provide consistent training covering our core values, diversity awareness and
information security across the board and eliminate consistency issues in
training with a single learning hub.”

And so, Skillsoft helped her build USO University.
Now, Dr. Kegler has an easy-to-scale on-boarding program, specific courses to
support the USO’s core values and compliance initiatives, and a learning
management system to track elearning and instructor-led course
completions.  So what did USO employees think of USO university?
Employees logged 1,000 online course completions in the first 37 days USO
University was live.  What makes that number significant? Learning was not
required.  “Our staff were so hungry for learning,” Dr. Kegler says. “When
you provide the right tool at right time, your people will use it.”
Additionally, 84% of learners said they’d recommend USO University to fellow

A big Skillsoft THANK YOU to Dr. Angela Kegler and all our
friends at the USO!  It’s partnerships like this that prove that
effective, global training and development programs can be built for nonprofits
and SMBs. Oh, and you make my job easier, too! Cheers!

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