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Skillsoft Announces Courseware for Compliance & Risk Mitigation Training

To meet the growing demand for up-to-date training content to address regulatory and compliance requirements, we are eager to announce an enhanced collection of customizable courseware covering a wide range of compliance and risk mitigation topics.

Covering an expanse of mounting compliance concerns ranging from simple standards to extremely complicated regulations, our compliance courses are built specifically to prepare learners for exams or meet regulatory requirements and help employees understand how these regulations impact mission
critical aspects of their day-to-day work.Read more

Environmental, Safety and Health Compliance—More than 40 Years of Progress

Did you know that in 1969 one of America’s rivers was so polluted with oil and trash that it caught fire?  That forty years ago on average, 38 U.S. workers died on the job each day?

In 1970, Congress passed laws to protect both human health and the environment.Read more

Dispelling Common Myths about Likability and Leadership Effectiveness

We’re pleased to reprint an article from author, Jim Clemmer. 

By Jim Clemmer

“I don’t care about being liked, I just want to be respected,” is a statement repeated by many less than extraordinary leaders. Trapped in either/or thinking, these narrowly-focused leaders often push hard for results while leaving a trail of damaged relationships and enervated people scattered behind them.Read more

Social Media Metrics for Dummies

With so many social media monitoring and measurement tools available, it can be overwhelming to figure out which tool is right for you when it comes to calculating the success of your social media marketing efforts. This user-friendly guide helps you determine which tools and techniques will serve you best for understanding your online audience.Read more

Proving the Value of Elearning

Elearning is an investment—an investment in the future of your employees and your organization. The savings of elearning over instructor-led training (ILT) are well documented, but the real value comes when learner engagement results in improved job performance.

Our recent case study follows Carrington Mortgage Holdings, LLC from initial implementation through the organization’s continued success deploying learning programs that engage and excite employees.Read more