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Proving the Value of Elearning

Elearning is an investment—an investment in the future of
your employees and your organization. The savings of elearning over
instructor-led training (ILT) are well documented, but the real value comes when
learner engagement results in improved job performance.

Our recent case
follows Carrington Mortgage Holdings, LLC from initial implementation
through the organization’s continued success deploying learning programs that
engage and excite employees.

Carrington’s rapid growth required a much more scalable
training solution than a traditional ILT model. Elearning was an attractive
alternative and the company decided to partner with Skillsoft to bring compliance
and business training to more than 1,800 associates. The challenge was to
communicate the value of and online learning to ensure participation.

Carrington’s Learning and Development team worked closely
with their Account Representative and Learning Strategist to build a solution.
Within six weeks, the company launched a variety of learning assets on
Skillport® learning management system.

To introduce elearning to associates, Carrington started with
mandatory compliance content to drive users to the education portal. Carrington
positioned Skillport as the “Google of Learning,” encouraging learners to
access courses, webinars, instructor-led training sessions, job aids, and quick
reference guides for professional development.

Carrington followed up mandatory compliance training with
job-specific content and on-boarding programs. Associates are assigned customized
learning programs and required to complete knowledge assessments with a minimum
pass rate of 80%. Tracking completion and measuring success ensures not only
participation, but course content absorption.

To further promote the education portal, Carrington recently
held an Education Portal Showcase event. The showcase provided an opportunity for
the company to highlight additional features and benefits of the portal.  Associates enjoyed the opportunity interact
with the software while answering trivia questions, entering raffles, and
competing for prizes.

In just one year, over 11,500 hours of learning were
completed and the participation rate is nearly 90%. For every dollar spent in
the Skillsoft program, Carrington saves $2.55 in classroom training
instruction. By focusing on engagement as well as content, Carrington has made
the education portal an invaluable tool for associates. Download
the case study today!

Carrington’s hard work truly paid off as they were recognized
with Skillsoft Innovation Awards, judged by a team of industry gurus, two years
in a row! Read this year’s press

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