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Are you Measuring Impact?

Measurement Expert Panel PictureThere has never
been a better time or more demand to show learning’s impact. The drivers of
change are here – constrained budgets, reduced L&D staff, increased
pressures from finance and a global talent crisis. Yet despite the change
catalyst these conditions evoke, many organizations are boxed into traditional
patterns that fall short of delivering meaningful business results. At 2013
Global Skillsoft Perspectives, we gathered a panel of industry measurement
thought leaders to share their ideas about what’s holding organizations back
from delivering harder hitting metrics and offering their wisdom for taking
transformative action. The panel members, consisting
of Laurie Bassi of McBassi & Associates, Jay Jamrog of i4cp, Kendall
Kerekes of KnowledgeAdvisors, Patti Phillips of ROI Institute, David Vance of
the Center for Talent Reporting and Kieran King from Skillsoft, covered recent
industry research, roadblocks and how to take action.

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