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Free webinar: Harness the invisible strength of your organisation

Fear of the unknown can hold people back in any aspect
of their lives, but it can be particularly counter-productive in a work
environment. It can be daunting if you stop and think about the variety of
informal mini social networks which operate within your workplace, but there is
a way to untangle these wires so that you can understand where connections lead
and how they can be used to your organisation’s advantage.

Our upcoming complimentary webinar with social
scientist Charles Armstrong, titled Social Analytics – Harnessing the
invisible strength of the organisation
, will take you through this process.
Understanding is the most important building block towards effective business
application; our webinar will begin by helping you recognise these informal
networks in business and the role that they perform.

As regularly demonstrated in penalty shoot-outs by the
England football team, you can learn and practice all you like, but there is no
point unless you are able to put a skill into practice. Charles Armstrong will
take the time to introduce you to new analytic techniques which help not only
flush those organisational characteristics out into the open, but also to
increase the performance of your business.

Charles is CEO of Trampoline Systems, which recently
created a “Tech City Map” of East London’s technology ecosystem. The project
was launched by David Cameron in November 2011. Attendees will have time to ask
questions at the end of the session.

To join us for this free event on Wednesday July 17
from 12-1pm BST, register your details here.


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