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Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo Highlights

By Pam Boiros, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Skillsoft

The Enterprise Learning! Conference
and Expo
(ELCE) was held in Anaheim, California this week.   The
event is produced by B2B Media Company, the publishers of Elearning!Read more

Skillsoft Employees Prepare Local Children for Back-to-School

By Kelley Noblet

Returning to school in the fall is an adjustment for
students and parents alike. To help make the transition smoother for families
in need, Skillsoft employees located in the Nashua, NH Corporate Headquarters
and the Nashua R&D office participated in a service project again this year.Read more

How Do I Get Started with Elearning? 8 Top Elearning Questions Answered

Incorporating elearning in your learning and development program doesn’t
have to be a daunting task. By knowing the key elements to consider ahead of
time, you can craft a program that delivers maximum value to your organization.

a complimentary webinar on Thursday, September 12, 2013 from 12-1 p.m.Read more

Addressing the IT Skills Shortage

Keeping up with rapidly changing technology is one of the
biggest challenges for IT professionals. It’s no surprise that CompTIA's U.S.-only study found that only 44%
of those surveyed were "exactly where they want to be" or "very
close to where they want to be" with their IT staffing.Read more

Congratulations 2013 Skillsoft Perspectives ANZ Innovation Award Winners!

By Justina
Phoon, Director, Marketing Communications, Asia Pacific, Skillsoft

We are delighted to announce the winners of
our 2013 Skillsoft Perspectives Australia & New Zealand Innovation Awards!
The winners, which include Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, Monash
University, Sharp Australia and Hudson Global Services, honours Australia and
New Zealand Skillsoft customers for their major achievements in elearning,
acknowledging dynamic concepts and motivating leaders who are helping to
enhance the learning platform.Read more

Creating a Culture of Learning and Development

Back in January, we ran a blog
post by Taavo Godtfredsen
, an Executive Producer at Skillsoft, around his
Five @ 5:00™ approach. Check out his new video to learn how adopting this simple behavior of taking five minutes at the
start or end of your day accelerates your growth, the growth of your employees
and your organization.Read more

Get Actionable Leadership Advice From a Leading Healthcare Provider

During times of healthcare reform
and transformative change, The Children’s Hospital
of Philadelphia has built
robust leadership development programs to support its organization health framework
and strategic plan. Whether you are responsible for developing leadership
programs at a healthcare organization or a major corporation, join us for a
look behind the scenes of a successful leadership program and leave with
immediate ideas for action.Read more

Oops—Another Mistake? Your Reaction Means More Than you Think.

By Candy Osborne, Senior Marketing Manager,

In this
fast-paced world we live in, what are the chances that you’re making less
mistakes than ever? Probably not very good. In fact, chances are high that
you’re making more mistakes than ever given tighter deadlines, shrinking
budgets and re-aligned organizations.Read more